About Us

Who we are?

Modeling & Construction company is a unique technical builder experienced in all aspects of construction. Thanks to the appealing working environment, our experienced employees, and the continuous development, we promise to deliver the projects proficiently and before the scheduled dates. We listen to your goals, develop strategies based on your business, track our performance. We do all this and more to earn your satisfaction and build great lasting relationships.

Why modeling and construction

We offer a wide range of highly qualified services

BIM Services
Shop drawing

For all phases of your projects and building sites

All Mechanical works

Our engineers are expert in:

Steel and concrete building
Residential townhouses
Mid-rise towers
High rise towers
exhibition halls
Tanks and swimming pools

Our mission

Our goal is to help our clients design, construct and operate better projects more efficiently offering verifiably superior services and project support to overcoming risks, assuring that projects are efficiently delivered with minimal costs and on time.

Our vision

By becoming the most innovative services and solutions provider within the building Industry, with the best Customer Experience, delivering true Value Engineering on every project we work on, and also becoming the top company engineers love to work in.

Our Values

We value the quality of being open, up-front honest, and sincere. At modeling & construction, we believe that a transparent attitude among our teams, clients, and vendors is essential for everyone’s success. At MC we spare no effort to fulfill our commitments. We believe that being accessible and responsive is equally as important as producing quality work. We encourage a cooperative attitude where each team member can rely on one another. By extension, our clients trust that we will deliver a high-quality product, on time.