Architectural Design

Architectural Design

We believe that architecture is not just about buildings, but it’s the path to turn our dreams into reality. We also think that great architecture connects emotionally to users, and it’s what makes all the other engineering works shine.

When it comes to architectural design, we want to be unique, innovative, functional, beautiful, environmentally friendly, and above all, we want to leave a legacy for the generations to come, with the least costs. That is why we endeavor to hire elite designers.

Exterior Design

Our engineers have comprehensive expertise in the various constructions such as Buildings, Residential, Hospitality, Retail, Commercial, Healthcare, Special Facilities, Education.

Our residential architecture and planning expertise covers:

Space Planning
Cost Control
Quantity Surveying
Tender Documents
Tendering Assistance

Interior design & FF&E

MC expertly transforms interiors into sophisticated, welcoming and comfortable environments. Technically, FF&E stands for “Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment.” But as an FF&E designer, it means so much more. It includes, but isn’t narrowed to, any piece of furniture, case goods or soft seating, carpeting, lighting, decorative and art and accessories. It’s about layering. Having an ability to create a feeling through textures, fabrics, and lighting while understanding how they will impact a space and people’s interaction with them.

We work closely with our clients and operators to ensure each space has a unique feel. When we assigned to a new project, we always start with an in-depth study that covers the actual location, local preferences, local cultural norms, the client's needs, and the planned cost. Research and planning are essential in bringing out the unique strengths and qualities of each particular space. This results in each project, having a distinctive sense of place, belonging and even brand identity.

Our interior design expertise covers:

Interior design theming and branding.
Internal spaces planning and programming.
Internal spaces furnishing.
Internal spaces artworks and artefacts planning and theming.
Wayfinding and internal signage.
Furniture selection and specifications.
Finishes selection and specifications.
Decorative plumbing, ironmongery and accessories selection and specifications.

3D Max Shots

Looking to add a bit of realism and depth to your building models, a 3ds Max design firm can take your models to the horizon! Designers can use depth-of-field tools, texture-mapping, shading, and renderings to create realistic structures and rooms that will enable you to embodied your fantasies projects. Our engineers are skilled in generating 3D models that accurately conveys a representation of the final product.

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